Vaas – 39,90 Euro All Inc.

Keramiek boetseren - handbouw workshop - decoratie technieken. 21cm hoog. 


Incl: Thee & Koffie onbeperkt. Les, en alle materialen. Afbakken en Glazuren van werk. 

Boeking via: or +31633971812 


Vase– 39,90 Euro All Inc.

Ceramic handbuilding and decorationg workshop. 21cm high vase 


Design your own vase by using our various books and examples as inspiration; Learn how make clay slabs and coils; Handbuilding techniques; How to create texture, using various tools and techniques; Surface Decoration techniques; Basic Painting Techniques (Marbling) and working with stains, oxides and underglazes.

Including: Tea & Coffee & All material & Baking and Glazing of x1 vase.

Booking via: or +31633971812 **With All workshops you can reserve lunch or high tea in advance. This costs 14Euros per person. We strive to use seasonal local produceas much as possible . Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances when reserving.

Items ready after 9 weeks only: We don’t inform you of this. You can pick it up or pay for a Delivery. Cost for 8,45Euro

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