Paint an already made cup & Make a teabag holder yourself and decorate it, using hanbulding techniques and painting it. 
Use symbolism to express ideas or words that is important to your team. Or design a team logo.

We have stencils, stamps and more equipment to help you achive your goal! You will learn atleast 5 ceramic painting techniques and various handbuilding techniques.

  • -1x stuks per deelnemer.
  • -Keramiek workshop - 2 tot 3 uur. Inc.
  • -Materiaal, stookkosten keramiekoven​,
  • -Professionele artistieke begelijding. 
  • -Incl. Onbeperkt warme drank
  • -1x ronde snack 

Voor meer info & prijzen: of bellen na +31 (0) 633 971812

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